Provide opportunities for all people

Give an opportunity to all people around the world.

To better the world by providing opportunities for self realization to people around the globe.
This is the mission of Jellyfish.
If we expand our horizons not only to Japan but also to the world,
the disparity in “opportunities” for “people” is still large.
A world where people have fair opportunities, regardless of the place of birth,
religion and language, skin color, gender, etc.,
We are aiming to create such a world.
Jellyfish eliminates opportunity disparities through business,
and provide opportunities for self realization to as many people as possible, and allow the world to smile.


Expand your Horizons

We believe that breakthroughs of people and businesses occur when new knowledge is gained,
or when we get ideas and circumstances that we have never had before.
To make the world better together by providing unprecedented views
and opportunities for everybody involved with Jellyfish.
This is the value that our company most prioritizes.