Jellyfish’s human resource service provides specialized human resources services for technology companies,
from the aspect of foreign employment with the background of Japan’s declining labor population,
human resources shortage accompanying the Fourth Industrial Revolution and rapid globalization.

Strengths of service

Service.More than 20,000 foreign talent registrants from 48 countries!

Registration of technical personnel such as graduates of the bilingual engineer training school “BIT” operated by our company accounts for about 70% of registrants, mainly from the tech related enterprise specialized recruitment site “MIXESS“.

71% of registrants are 35 years old or younger

72.2% living in Japan

High Japanese understanding

Various countries

Track record of introducing jobs

Track record of introducing jobs

We introduce a wide range of engineers with state-of-the-art skills such as block chain, IoT, AI and programming.


We also introduce overseas sales personnel at manufacturers and trading companies and sales jobs for foreign customers.

Specialized jobs

Translation / interpreting, oversea marketing, lecturers, clerical work etc.

Hotel / services

We also introduce personnels for the hotel industry and service industry that need foreign correspondence.

Service.2Bilingual consultants firmly support foreign job seekers before employment.

Our career consultants are all bilingual talents who can speak over two languages, so that they can firmly grasp and realize the characteristics and desires of job seekers, and they will provide support throughout from registration ~ interview ~ entrance ~ after joining the company.

  • In charge of China

    Senior Consultant

  • In charge of Asia


  • In charge of Euro


Evaluation by job applicants

Voice .01
Efren Mauricio
Job type
IT engineer
Brief history
After starting a career as an engineer in Spain, worked as a freelance engineer in Germany.
English, Spanish

Through Jellyfish I was able to get a job at a Japanese IT startup company.
I am involved in a business that just started in Japan and I am genuinely living an exciting life everyday. Through Jellyfish I was able to get a job at a Japanese IT startup company.

Voice .02
Lu Yingwei
Job type
Interpreter and sales
Brief history
New graduate
Taiwanese, English, Japanese, Chinese

I originally wanted an interpretation, clerical work, or trade related job, but I was introduced to a real estate company from a consultant of Jellyfish.
In my current work, we are in charge of sales to Chinese customers who are considering purchasing real estate, while making full use of my English, Chinese and Japanese. Work is challenging and I am grateful to the consultants who helped me. Through Jellyfish I was able to get a job at a Japanese IT startup company.

Voice .03
Job type
Car related engineer
Brief history
After graduating from an industrial university in Vietnam, worked as an engineer at a local auto parts company.
Vietnamese, Japanese

When I was an automotive engineer in Vietnam, I often worked with a Japanese company, and I became interested in Japan because I was drawn to its seriousness and technical strength.
I began to think that I wanted to work for a Japanese company someday, and went to study in Japan. I want to contribute to development. Through Jellyfish I was able to get a job at a Japanese IT startup company.

Service.3Proposal of recruitment method according to recruitment needs

95% of our business partners are TECH companies, and we have an extensive track record of supporting the recruiting for startups and small / medium venture companies, that are inferior in recognition and recruitment ability compared to major companies.

Domestic and foreign recruitment

We will introduce foreigners with working experience in Japan and foreign residents who reside in Japan according to your request for employment (experience, skill, Japanese ability, etc).
Because we strictly use an employment success fee system, there will be no cost to recruit.

Overseas human resources interview

We will conduct original recruiting interviews strictly for your company’s recruitment in various countries such as Korea and Vietnam. (※ Your staff must also be present)
Especially in Korea and Vietnam in recent years, the number of applicants who wish to work in Japan has increased rapidly, and we are conducting interviews for several companies every month.