• 2020.6.30
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It is OK to change your life course anytime you want.

It is OK to change your life course anytime you want.


I decided to change my life at the end of my 20’s

I still remember at the beginning of 2020, I encountered a lot of “What you should achieve before 30” articles or “Best 30 under 30” lists scattered all over my social media feeds. It’s almost like the almighty Google SEO system detected that I will soon join the 30’s market and started throwing those contents on me nonstop.

Which is not doing good for my mental state, considering at that time I was in the middle of job-hunting process in a new country. My situation is far from the “perfect 30” portrayed by the articles mentioned above. In 2019, at the end of my 20’s, I chose to drop my entire life course, including a stable and growing career in my home country, and move to Japan as a scholarship student. After finishing the study course for a year, it is time for me to get back to the workforce. 

I want a job where my status and identity as a foreigner will become a strength, not a weakness.

As foreigner I soon realized that it is nearly impossible to get hired in Japan without the help of recruiting agency, so I had almost dozens of them to help me in my job-hunting journey. While most of them were OK, the way some recruiters approached me and forcefully trying to “recreate” me into the perfect candidate for their clients still left some unpleasant marks in my memory. 

I came to Japan to have a fulfilling life so I don’t want to do “any job that is available” out there, I want to find the one that matched me, one where I can be myself and expand both my knowledge and skills. During my 就活 (shuukatsu) most of the recruiters approached me with a very “business-like” approach. They are very professional indeed, but it feels like I am being “judged” twice: first by the recruiters, and later by the hiring company. I can hardly feel any sense of “partnership” from them, I feel like they are just a “connector” and “coach” to prepare me to be my best in front of the hiring company. 

Job hunting feels like a battle and I don’t want to fight it alone

The tiring process keeps continuing, until I came into contact with Sakamoto-san who is a scouter from JELLYFISH. When I was scouted for the marketing position and had my interview with her and the JELLYFISH team, I told them not only about my qualifications but also my worries and dreams and they listened to me. It left a very big impression on me because in the entire 6 months of my job-hunt, it was the first time I felt that my needs are prioritized over the hiring company’s.

That is what I think separates JELLYFISH from the others: they listen to my dreams; they took position as my partner and I can feel that they are on my side rather than just hunting for the “best person” to fill the request from their client side. 

After I joined and work together with the team for about 3 months, I can see the company’s strength even more clearly. JELLYFISH is a recruit agency that specializes in hiring foreigners, naturally they understand that each foreigner will absolutely have their own uniqueness that they will bring along when they work in a Japanese company. So, rather than advising the candidates to completely change themselves so they can fit in, they took the stand to brief the hiring companies to understand each candidate’s uniqueness and how those differences can bring benefits. I think this is a very good value to have as our business strength.


Don’t be afraid to change your life for the better, be persistent and you will find the support you need.
The society rules nowadays mostly discourage a person to make a change as they grow older. In the world that praised “stability” I am on the side that think it is OK to change your life and career anytime you feel that your current one doesn’t satisfy you anymore.

And when you think that it is difficult, there’s where JELLYFISH will stand: to be beside you and support you as a partner. This is the mindset and motto I have in mind when working right now. I know that there are many talented people out there with similar history and passion like me, so why not try to connect with us and solve those problem together as partner!