Investment Business

The company invests in technologies in early-stages in a practical and direct way. We are committed to help the hiring of IT engineers which is the main fuel for the growth of many companies. By doing so, we can increase the growth rate and the probability for success of the companies we invest in.

01Support for recruiting IT engineers

We provide full support for the construction of global development teams for start-up companies through the free use of our IT engineer database and recruitment support backup.

02Hands-on support

We provide hands-on support led by our representative and financial manager. Our methods work with helping the management support through sales channel expansion, equity and debt financing, recruitment support, marketing support, and resource provision.

03Back office support

Together with our affiliate company, which provides back office support, we provide full support. In addition to the establishment of the company, we provide necessary support for accounting, human resources, labor, and public relations at each phase of the business. We also provide support for fundraising (equity and debt), M&A, and subsidy applications.

04Provision of corporate registration and coworking space

Free use of corporate registration and coworking space at our community facility "OKUTAMA+ (Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo).

Investment Results


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