We are looking for partners from all over the world so we all can live passionately together. To answer the question of our legacy, what kind of value are we leaving for the society in the future, let’s discuss.

There are so many unresolved social issues in our current time such as poverty, income inequality, educational disparity, racial discrimiation and of course, environmental issues. To continue living happily in the true sense of the word “happy”, we will need to face these issues seriously.

The inevitable ending for everyone is death. We understand that this means our time is limited, and in order to make the most out of our time, the questions of “Why” we are living, “What” we are doing, and “Who” we are doing it with; need to be answered. While there are many people who invest a lot of time in education of themselves and others, and career paths. What kind of impact can you have on society? What value have you been able to provide to the customers in front of you? And are you doing something which can be beneficial for the future of our society and yourself?
We want to discuss these things together.

JELLYFISH is not just a competition for market share or a pursuit of scale. Nor it is just a company that competes for market share or pursues scale. JELLYFISH is a company that pursues and provides essential value to society in the areas of ""learning"" and ""working”. By pursuing and providing essential value to society in the areas of ""learning"" and ""working,"" we hope to solve social issues over the medium to long term.