In order to improve the corporate clients’ Japanese speaking skills, we work on the foundation and development of online programs of Japanese language education. Consultants help business with common areas such as studying abroad in Japan and Japanese language learning.

01Babel Method is a Japanese e-learning program for corporate clients.

This program is developed based on real experiences of operating Japanese language schools in Japan and overseas for over 10 years. Unlike the general Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), it is a Japanese conversation lesson that specializes in improving Japanese communication skills using the CEFR index, a common standard in Europe that indicates the acquisition status and language operational ability of foreign language learners.

Provider: Babel Method Corporation
(Representative Director: Akiyo Suzuki)
(President: Akiyo Suzuki)
Babel Method is a joint venture with Progos Corporation, a member of the Rare Job Group (TSE 6096).
Babel Method is a joint venture with Progoss Inc.
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02Consulting for Japanese education and study abroad in Japan.

We provide general consulting services for Japanese language schools, vocational schools, universities, and other educational institutions that accept international students.

Our support services works in the following areas:
The establishment of new Japanese language schools
The formulation of Japanese language study programs
PR and marketing support to attract international students
Support for alliances with overseas universities
Consulting for school management
M&A brokerage and financial support
Educational institutions we support: More than 100 schools in total
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