In 2007, JELLYFISH started as a communication agency business in a room of a condominium with a rent of 58,000 yen in Saitama prefecture.
We will introduce the transition which has been full of change and challenges up to this point.

Establishment period


Established as a communications agency business

  • JELLYFISH Co., Ltd. established by three Chuo University graduates including current representative Tanaka, and director Hida (capital 1 million yen)
  • NTT East, Softbank and other distributors started in Saitama and Tokyo and expanded to the entire Kanto region

Head office moved to Tokyo · Gotanda

  • Began marketing multilingual internet lines and cell phone sales agencies for foreign residents in Japan such as Chinese, Koreans, and Filipinos.

Flow of the world

In 2011, when the signs of recovery from the Lehman shock came to be visible, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and an unprecedented damage, including a nuclear accident, strikes Japan.
On March 17 of the the same year, the yen appreciation continued after renewal of the strongest yen history since April 1995 (1 dollar = 79.50 yen), and Japanese companies’ overseas expansion (mainly in Asia and Southeast Asia) accelerated.

Business change


Withdrawal of communications agency business and conversion to business related to study abroad

  • Reduction and withdrawal of communications agency business
  • Started overseas business. Entered China’s Guangdong province, withdrew in half a year and started study abroad business in Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Advanced to Vietnamese cities, the Philippines and Indonesia, and developed local Japanese language education projects and international student support projects.
  • Part-time job introduction business of international students in Japan and business operation of international student dormitory

Flow of the world

China’s economy stalled in 2015 and Chinese stocks slumped. Meanwhile, foreign visitors to Japan approached 20 million people, and “bakugai” became a buzzword.
In 2016, IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), robots, etc. gained attention at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual General Meeting (Davos Conference) held in Switzerland.
In the same year, it is announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that there will be a shortage of engineers by about 790,000 people by 2030.

Business development


Development of Japanese language school business and recruitment business, for the purpose of supporting throughly from studying abroad to employment in Japan for mainly ASEAN countries.

  • Opened a Japanese language institution “Tochigi International Education Academy (Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture)” and started a Japanese language education project in Japan.
  • Established “JELLYFISH HR (Vietnam)” and started a recruitment business for Japanese companies in Vietnam.
  • Started recruitment business specializing in foreign talent in Japan.

Business specialization

2017 ~

Focused on IT engineers and other advanced human resources and introduction business, started global expansion not only in Asia

  • “Bridge Institute of Technology OKUTAMA (Nishitama-gun, Okutama-cho, Tokyo)” opened
  • Commencement of IT business (nearshore laboratory) for system development and laboratories.
  • Started local development project by open innovation 【okutama +】

Flow of the world

Existing industries around the world became redefined by new technologies (AI, robot, block chain, etc.) etc.